The diversity of experimental systems used to study the effects of Notch signaling, the pleiotropy of Notch signals, and an increased appreciation of Notch involvement in disease has made the Notch field explode in the past decade.

In 2007 we launched an annual Notch research meeting that has been bringing the Notch community together in Athens. The meetings alternate with general meetings and with thematically focused smaller workshops, as is the case this year. This 9th Notch meeting is designed, as always, to allow us to become better informed about what is happening in spheres of interest not immediately connected with our own, get a feeling about trends and exciting developments, explore medical Notch applications, and hear and meet old and new players.

These meetings are sponsored by the not for profit foundation Fondation Santé and benefit from the generosity of additional sponsors.

M. musculus
C. elegans